Game development work log

Hoth Strike

To do

  • Pre-cache all resources on init() before getSprites() – including MP3
  • Fix “stitching” of background layers
  • Fix occasional Snowspeeder slide “sticking” (onkeyup event handling)
  • Animate AT-AT ditched
  • NTH – Snowspeeder spawns “snow puff” a la bomb impact when close to ground
  • AT-AT laser blasts (directions 5, 6 and 7 only) ditched
  • Rebel soldiers waving in the snow (to be rescued)
  • Implement Defender style saucer (need an Imperial ship or probe)
  • Implement Rebel capture probe (becomes mutant)
  • Fix multiple Raiders diving for rebel soldiers

Graphics to do

  • AT-AT animation frames ditched
  • “Saucer”
  • Raider
  • Capture probe (Mutant)
  • Probe spawn sparkle

Sound FX to do

  • AT-AT destruction
  • Snowspeeder ditch
  • Captured rebel
  • Destroyed rebel
  • Grabbed rebel
  • Saucer spawn
  • Rescued rebel

Invaders from Mars

To do

  • implement bus stage in boss
  • Fix playerShip bump at screen edge
  • Get maxPosition at game load
  • Only store the highest score per session
  • Fix level backdrop caching
  • Balance alien bomb frequencyNote: the bomb frequency is much improved but not finalised. This has been superceded by the below entry for sequencing.
  • Bomb sequencing. Allow aliens to fire in bursts.
  • Implement Smart Bomb
  • Loading banner
  • Level speed scores (time calculated – just need visuals) Dropped.
  • Fix IE glitch on explosion spawn
  • Explosion shower for boss death
  • Screen flash multiple colours
  • Fix alien “nudge” on pack redirect
  • Expand bar from zero during bossMoveInToPosition Dropped
  • Boss pain frame(s)
  • Boss death frames / reduce maxtick — boss falls to floor
  • Smoke puff on fall ? (Boss only)
  • AJAX high scores and interactive name entering screen
  • Let the bus run even when the boss is defeated (will overlap in to alien formation sequence)
  • Set bomb launching threshold on a per level basis for bosses
  • Remove alien gunk cleanly at end of level

Graphics to do

  • Bus death frames
  • Selection of bosses
    • Pink alien – bounces and fires at same rate as pack for the level
    • Spider legged boss – slow mover but rapid firer
    • Rapid saucer – flits around with fly-like precision. Zips to tx,ty – waits – then moves again. Fires in bursts Dropped.

Sound FX to do (all MP3)

  • Player fire
  • Alien die
  • Alien move (pack only) Dropped
  • Boss interlude
  • Title theme
  • Intro story theme
  • Game over
  • High score theme (?)
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