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Ridge Racer Accelerated HD on iPad

I really am a hopeless iPad fanboy. Ever since I first got the blessed thing I’ve dumped game after game after game on to it and lord help me I play them all.
Some titles really stand out: KickFlickFootball, Rage HD, RagDoll Shooter… all provide a great escape from reality for 10 minutes or so.

Ridge Racer Accelerated HD Screenshot

Ridge Racer Accelerated HD Screenshot

But now I’ve added a title that had me throwing coins away at the arcades what must be nearly 20 years or so ago – Ridge Racer.
For me Namco get a lot right. They understand the essence of arcade gaming and just what it is to pile thrills on top of thrills when you’re on a tight schedule and in search of maximum pleasure.
For a couple of coins I could go on Ridge Racer for an age and God it was fun.

So iPad now has the Ridge Racer:Accelerated HD version of the game and great fun it is too.

Initially you get to play the game for free and then with an outlay of around 6 quid you get the full content.
The single track demo is enjoyable enough and gives you a taster of what to expect but it’s only when you go in to the game proper that you realise just how much fun there is to be had.

I appreciate that a lot of gamers park themselves in to specific camps when it comes to their games and I’m sure that there will be a ton of GT / Forza / NFS fans out there that won’t touch this. But I’m not one of those. I play them all and let me tell you that once you got used to the controls (select tilting or touchscreen for movement) it’s really an enjoyable game to play.

You get a nitros option which you really must use and use wisely.
You also get to deal with drifting. (What driving game doesn’t these days ?)

Drifting is painful at first. Very painful. The constant nose-bumping of the track edge is nothing short of maddening but with a little practise I found that I could master pretty much any bend thrown at me. The delights of coming off a bend, slamming the nitros and sailing past another car was and still is a pure thrill.

I confess I haven’t played online just yet but that will come.

For anyone looking for good old school arcade driving fun with meaty music and cars with a great feel I would heartily recommend Ridge Racer. And that’s just it. Ridge Racer is an arcade game, end of story. There’s no cash, no stores, no upgrades and no nonsense. Just point the car down the road and hit the accelerator. There’s nothing in the road to collect and to that end it feels great since I just want to race and keep my car on the road.

As you can see I’m not in to lengthy reviews. A £5.99 game probably doesn’t need it. As I refine my style I’ll do my best to drop in the kind of things you need to hear before parting with your cash.

For: Straight forward no nonsense driving thrills
Against: Tricky to master the controls and drift

7 / 10