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Hoth Strike – new version and some new features

Just a few changes.

  • Fixed invulnerability bug with speeder sliding in to probes on direction change and not being harmed
  • Made speeder blink at start of wave to indicate invulnerability (note, this period decays with subsequent waves)
  • Extra life at 100,000. Listen for R2. If you hear him you have the extra life.

Play Hoth Strike v.1.2.1 here.


Hoth Strike – a few changes

Well my inbox exploded over the weekend with feedback from this game. I choose to publish my games for precisely this reason so it would be fairly arrogant of me to simply ignore everything that has been said.

In short there appears to be tremendous strength of feeling towards the intro crawler text and the way in which the speeder slides across the screen.

The crawler text doesn’t actually add anything to the game. It only loosly resembles the style of the movie so I figure if anything is droppable it’s this. But it was the number of comments from people saying that they had no clue how to get past it and therefore they quit the game that gave me the greatest concern. The fact that people dismiss the game simply because they couldn’t launch it is a problem.
It bothers me that people don’t just hit the fire button (Z) until something happens but I guess not everyone played the arcade / console games that I played in my youth. Unless it’s spelled out clear as day it seems people just draw a blank.
Either way the intro text is dropped.

The second issue is far more interesting since it affects the way the game is played and also impacts on the “skill” required to play the game.
The largest amount of feedback appears to reveal a preference for having the speeder sit centrally in the screen and not having it slide left – right / right – left when changing direction. Admittedly I greatly exaggerated the swing across the screen and preferred the speeder sat extreme left and right as I was building the game. What can I say ? It just stuck. I loved the way that I could zoom past a few probes then change direction, swing the speeder low over them and blast them all to hell ! It was just so satisfying.
I can fully understand why people object to it but then I objected to Defender’s spaghetti fingered control system at first. Just needed practise.
Anyway, I’m not changing it since it’s a cool feature in my opinion. But I have surpressed alien collision when the speeder is sliding to the other direction. That might help people that can’t be bothered to look at the scanner.

Edit: I pulled the speeder in a bit and played it for a day or so. I admit it works nice. Whereas the speeder was sat at Edge + 16 previously it now sits at Edge + 128. The swing is less pronounced and the game is actually far more playable. I even racked up a 100,000+ score !

This stuff is about artistic expression. Fundamental changes to these games would cease to reflect my own personality. Thanks to those that have offered feedback.

Hoth Strike – bug fixes

#1 Fixed a glaring error in the way that the count for rescued rebels and alien kills are handled. The way it was written you’d never end a wave unless you achieved it without losing a life !

#2 There was a problem with Probes colliding with the speeder during the wind up of the wave. I set a gl.fightingchance ticker to give the player a chance to move the speeder out of the way.

New code is now online.

[bug fix] Internet Explorer – CSS Border values – game not initiating

A bug in the code had prevented the game from running in IE.
It looks like I was trying to set a border value ( incorrectly in the sprite builder.
This is now fixed and should work fine. Apologies to IE users.

[bug fix] Smart Bomb not firing on key press

Fixed the number of elements in the smart bomb screen flash array.
JavaScript’s Math.round() was rounding my floating point figures up to an array index that didn’t exist.

This will have affected IE users. I couldn’t recreate the problem in Opera, Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

On a plus note it gave me the chance to look at presenting a dramatic screen flash to accompany the smart bomb explosion.