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HyperGunner update

HyperGunner screens

I’m in the final stages of tidying up my new frantic shooter HyperGunner.
I’ve loved putting this game together and thoroughly enjoyed playing it. It’s a huge step closer to creating something in the mould of my favourite manic shooters – Ikaruga, Don Pachi, Esp RaDe et al.

I still have concerns with the collision box but essentially the game is playable.

I’m now working on streamlining the game for mobile devices. Specifically iOS and Android.


Hoth Strike – bug fixes

#1 Fixed a glaring error in the way that the count for rescued rebels and alien kills are handled. The way it was written you’d never end a wave unless you achieved it without losing a life !

#2 There was a problem with Probes colliding with the speeder during the wind up of the wave. I set a gl.fightingchance ticker to give the player a chance to move the speeder out of the way.

New code is now online.

Hoth Strike – Beta

hothstrike-beta1I’m finally happy that Hoth Strike is a playable and enjoyable experience. There are still a few issues that I want to resolveĀ  but hopefully nothing that will stop the show. So I’m offering the game as a Beta release to anyone that stumbles upon this page.

Play the game at this link:

hothstrike-beta2As with any Beta release I welcome all comments regarding bugs and general “playability”.
I will generally now focus on tidying up the code for the game including implementing a ton of stuff I’ve learned from books by Douglas Crockford et al. It’s come as quite a surprise just how inefficient my coding can be. More on that in due course. For now please play and (hopefully) enjoy the game :)