About the author

Hello there. You’ve found the blog of a technically minded arcade gaming geek with a passion for simple pick up and play game design. What free time I get I largely devote to improving my web coding skills and in recent years have been dabbling with pushing JavaScript as far as I can.

I also try to come up with game ideas that might translate in to simple web based games. I’ve had varied amounts of success and this blog chronicles the development highs and lows.

This blog also serves as a means of reflecting my views on other developments of interest. I scour the web for cool web based work.

I am a huge admirer of Nintendo and have a retro fascination with Atari. I believe they share the same ethos on games – Simple to learn, hard to master.

I dislike Flash and avoid Visual Basic. I also avoid popular JavaScript frameworks and extensions. Well, all JavaScript frameworks and extensions.

I live in the UK with my wife and children and work by day as a web developer coding all manner of C# whatnot. This blog is my escape.

I hope you enjoy it.


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