HyperGunner update

HyperGunner screens

I’m in the final stages of tidying up my new frantic shooter HyperGunner.
I’ve loved putting this game together and thoroughly enjoyed playing it. It’s a huge step closer to creating something in the mould of my favourite manic shooters – Ikaruga, Don Pachi, Esp RaDe et al.

I still have concerns with the collision box but essentially the game is playable.


I’m now working on streamlining the game for mobile devices. Specifically iOS and Android.

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  • Cody  On December 8, 2010 at 12:03 am

    I think I see what you mean about the collision box, but it does feel pretty polished as is.

    I’ve been researching the canvas element and game programming logic and it’s nice to see others in the same boat as me… struggling, suffering, but ultimately having fun. ;-)

    Are you using frame buffering? Like, manipulating a canvas element in memory and drawing the finished frame to the visible canvas object? I can provide more details, if you’re curious.

  • markw1970  On December 8, 2010 at 9:46 am

    Thanks Cody. I will take the time to address the collision with the alien bombs. Hopefully later today.

    Pretty much 90% of the fun in all this for me is getting to grips with the technology. I’m an old school bedroom hobbyist at this stuff so I don’t ever come at it from a low level perspective.

    I don’t use any kind of buffering. I simply spit the images out straight to the front screen as it were. With Wizard Wars and Hypergunner I employed this approach. But now I’m keen to adjust it a little and find a better approach. If only for the mobile devices.

    We have a discussion in the group just now that covers it. Feel free to sign up and offer some details if you like. Would be good to have your input.

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