My organic design document

I don’t know how interesting this is for people but it struck me as interesting just how many game developers (inparticular those that make very casual games, such as myself) write design documents.

I had a quick look around the web last night for fellow casual game designers and stumbled upon some interesting discussions.

Design notes for Wizard Wars and Invaders from Mars

Apologies for the poor quality. I took it rather hastily with my BlackBerry. Not a great camera.

I guess where there’s more than one person working on a project it makes a lot of sense to have a document full of ideas. But for me there’s no real requirement. I just use one of those rather neat little Moleskine pads and scribble down my ideas on the fly :-)
It will probably bite me on the backside one day that I don’t invest time upfront planning my games but so far it’s served me well.

I just love idly scribbling down thoughts and cartoon sketches for my characters.

I’m working on a mobile version of Invaders from Mars just now hence the little sprite sketches that you see in the picture. The Wizard sketch is my sole wizard design for your little guy in Wizard Wars :-) Merlin style of course.

I hope to have something to show for Invaders pretty soon.

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  • Cody  On November 24, 2010 at 7:41 pm

    For a one man band, this kind of documentation is the best; keep it simple and inspirational. It’s surprising how effective one page design documents are even in larger development teams. No one likes to read a load of dry, text-riddled pages, but if you just draw out the ideas and keep it mostly visual (diagrams and such are just fine)… well, a picture speaks a thousand words.


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