Dungeon Raid – Dragon 32 – nostalgic inspiration

It’s amazing what you can find on the interent.

When I first started dreaming up a game with battling wizards I had a very clear image in my mind from my childhood.
Back in 1983 I had a Dragon 32 computer. In the US it was the sister machine to the CoCo ?? (I think).

Pretty much every game worth playing on it was published by Microdeal. A small firm based in Cornwall, England.
The better games (for me) were developed by Ken Kalish. A wonderful game designer with an ear for striking sound effects.
One of his finest hours was Dungeon Raid.
I was so desperate to find the image of the wizard from the cover of the game I scoured eBay for old magazines and Dragon cassettes.

Last week I struck gold. A handful of magazines for a couple of quid and the first one I picked up at this on the back cover.

Dungeon Raid - Dragon 32

The wizard is of course blatantly robbed from Milt Kahl’s wonderful Merlin character from The Sword in the Stone.
I pinned this image up above my desk as I coded the game for inspiration.


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