Building a visual style

I’m very happy with the mechanics of the game just now. Although I still need to set aside some design time in terms of adding a few puzzle elements I’m happy that the game is behaving itself enough for me to go off and start drawing sprites and tiles. Art afterall is what I’m actually good at.

I have a very clear idea as to the look that I’m after. In short I want colour and contrast.
It’s important for me that the floor tiles are somewhat saturated in appearance whilst the walls stand out a bit more. The actual characters in the game will stand out quite a lot since I’ll draw them with more vibrant colours. Same goes for the effects – wizard’s magic, sparks, explosions etc.

There is a feature to my game editor that I hadn’t used thus far that I wanted to use now – the canpass flag.

Each tile has several flags that I set in the editor. One of them is the canpass flag which when set to 1 effectively renders the tile transparent in terms of collision detection. I’m using this flag to present shadow tiles.


Level designer
Level designer

Just now I have a limitation in the editor that prevents a sprite and a tile occupying the same space. Rather stupidly this doesn’t extend to the game where sprites can pass over tiles with ease.

So now that I have a mini objective (collect the strange brown artifacts) and a few challenges (find the key – open the door, dodge / defeat the bad guys) and a nice little twist (defeated monsters come hunting for you once they’re ressurected) I’m going to set about cementing the game’s visual style.

The latest version is available here:

Something that I’m preoccupied with is the idea of creating a light mask around the glowable objects. I’d love it if the wizard could hurl a magic ball down a corridor and it glows such that it lights up the floor and walls around it. I’m sure there’s a way with canvas.

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