Wizard sprite animated using HTML5/Canvas and rotate() method

Quickly following on from my previous post about using the rotate() method to save a ton of artwork I thought I’d knock up a quick wizard sprite with 2 frames in Photoshop. I think it’s interesting sometimes to peek in to people’s development environment so I thought I’d share a snapshot of my Photoshop session whilst I was creating the sprite.

Photoshop sprite session

Sprite being constructed in Adobe Photoshop CS

You can see a screen grab from Castle Adventure under the main document which I was using to put me in the right mood for drawing a Merlin style wizard. The effect is tidy but crude. Adequate for demonstrating the simple animation process I am aiming for.

Here’s the code and sprite in action: www.wilfscorner.co.uk/sandpit/1/wizard2.php

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