Canvas development

Ok so I’m somewhat behind the times with this but I’m finally comfortable with developing my games with the CANVAS element. There’s a very simple reason for this – the most popular browser in the world is about to support it with version 9. Yes, Microsoft it seems have bowed to increasing pressure and have included support for HTML5’s canvas element in IE9.

Quite what level of support we will see I don’t know. In fact I’ll hold my hands up and say as of right now I know nothing of the functionality offered by it anyway. I am a complete noobie to canvas and for me the whole thing is really rather exciting.

In keeping with what I’ve tried to offer here in the past I will document my progress as I learn the ropes of crafting my arcade games with JavaScript and Canvas.

As anyone who has read my blog before will attest I am not an expert coder. Nor am I interested in becoming an expert. I simply enjoy crafting my own style of games with my own style of code. If you want expert go look at what the likes of JavaScript celebrities such as Resig and Diaz are doing. I respect and admire their work but am simply not interested in following their route. I write all my own code and cannot abide frameworks and libraries. They remove the fun. For me.

So what you will see here is an honest account of an amateur game designer and JavaScript coder trying to make sense of new technology ;)

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  • jgabios  On October 15, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    Hi, just a thought, you should not drop the div and turn to canvas. i hear performance is not that great. yet. i saw a clip on youtube about aves engine , and they have worlds with many moving things there, and they dropped canvas only approach to a mix.

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