Celebrity Bloodbath – new JavaScript arcade game

Celebrity Bloodbath imageWell I’ve been far too quiet on here. In my (rapidly vanishing) spare time I managed to knock some code up based on the previous little project that I called Space Storm.

I loved the shower of sparks that were spawned and decided to craft something entirely new around the effect.

So the sparks became blood droplets and the enemy transformed in to celebrities. Admitedly UK focused celebrities since I live in the UK.

The game is something of a side project and doesn’t have the same attention to detail I gave Invaders or Hoth Strike but it was a lot of fun none the less.

This is my last old-school JavaScript game.
For my next game I will be using good old Canvas. Thanks in main to Microsoft supporting it with IE9.

So anyway go and play the blessed thing.


One final note I should add – I’m moving my games to my personal web site at Wilf’s Corner from now on. Wilf being the nickname I’ve had since about the age of 11 ;-) In case you were wondering.

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