SpaceStorm – the seeds of a new shooter

Well it’s pretty funny how developments lead to new ideas and cool games.
I’ve recently been developing a simple concept for a GUI that I decided to bring to life with some “game like” animation. Essentially I had a spark storm spawn as the mouse pointer passed over certain icons. I liked it so much that I played with it a bit and aimed for something almost Disney-like. The fairy dust approach if you like.

So I went as far as I could with the idea without exhausting it and then utilised the same code in a simple game framework. I drew a starship that you can move left and right with the arrows and spawned lasers with my standard fire buttons Z or CTRL. Since there are no aliens to shoot I set the lasers to KILL() at canvas edge. On kill the co-ordinates would be used to spawn a spark storm.

Being a nut for laser games I made it so that you could hit the fire button a ton of times and spawn countless spark showers.
I absolutely adore the resulting effect. Just need to craft a game from it now :-)

You can play it yourself at this link:

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