Hoth Strike – new version and some new features

Just a few changes.

  • Fixed invulnerability bug with speeder sliding in to probes on direction change and not being harmed
  • Made speeder blink at start of wave to indicate invulnerability (note, this period decays with subsequent waves)
  • Extra life at 100,000. Listen for R2. If you hear him you have the extra life.

Play Hoth Strike v.1.2.1 here.

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  • Doug  On June 18, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    I love the game–my high score is over 200k now–but there is one bug that I’ve noticed. Every once and a while one of the yellow droids will get all the way down at the bottom of the screen and I can’t hit down them there! Even when I’m as low as possible the shots just sail over their heads since they are flat. They can still shoot at me though, and it’s still possible to collide with them. Usually they come back up, but its aggravating that they can’t be hit until they do.

    Also, I would suggest adding more rebels. The four rebels are gone after the first 15 or so seconds of each wave so it still feels like most of the game is still flying and shooting. Since additional droids appear throughout the wave I think additional rebels should too.

    Other than that I can’t get enough of this game. I like how the ship swings back and forth, and I like how dangerous the probe droids are. Great game!

  • markw1970  On June 19, 2009 at 1:28 pm

    Hey Doug. Thanks for the comment. I upped the rebel count to see how it plays. You get a minimum of 9 to rescue per wave and a maximum of 16 increasing with each wave. If you make it to wave 8 it should be pretty intense by that point !
    Great score btw. My top is 145,000 just now :)

    p.s. you can hit SPACE to halt the action and take a screen grab.

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