Mutant Mayhem – another JavaScript arcade game

It’s been a couple of months since I updated this so I figured I should write a little something about my IFM follow up.
I currently call the game Mutant Mayhem which I admit is purely naff but the thing is you need a name for your game when you start out or it just gets called “GAME” and that doesn’t really inspire me to move it forward.
So I ripped the core of IFM out and reworked it to handle a scrolling environment.
I actually didn’t need to put much effort in to it to be honest since the game is designed to handle countless “sprites” at once.
Collision remains an issue but in terms of stitching tiles together and handling alien movement it was very straight forward.

The player controlled ship remains central in the screen and currently moves in 8 directions. The fire button spits out a fireshot in the direction that the player is facing and alien collision is handled as in IFM (including the same recoil from the alien).

There is so much to work out in this game and I suspect that I will wind up creating a web based game/sprite editor to manage the content.

You can play the current proto of Mutant Mayhem at

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