Spaceman Spiff style arcade adventure

I’ve always been a fan of Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin’s imaginary Spaceman Spiff got me thinking.
Invaders from Mars was always something of a working title for the game whilst I finalise the technology. Since most of the technology is proven and in place I’m now spending a great deal of time on the game’s artwork. I fixed the cartoon style first off. That was the easy bit since I’m a pretty good cartoonist. But I hadn’t really considered the over all feel of the game. Until that is I picked up an old C&H book.

The strip itself was classic Watterson with Calvin’s Spaceman Spiff in his little ship skimming the surface of an alien world until finally he ploughs in to the dirt. Armed only with a simple laser pistol he sets off to explore the new world. Naturally when reality hits he’s actually just alone in school since he missed the lunch bell :-)

But the colourful cartoon world got me thinking about the style of my game. Furthermore it also presented the idea of creating a game character. So after much head scratching, sketching and deliberation I decided to introduce my own character; Kyle Comet, in to my game.

Invaders from Mars shall probably therefore become Kyle Comet in the Lost Alien World or something suitably Saturday morning matinee / B movie. I love this stuff so coming up with the art work ought to be simple.

The aliens I already have will probably stay but future ones will be, well, globby, splodgy, tentactly and just plain repulsive. When they die they will “splat” with great satisfaction and when they bomb the play they will “spit” the bombs out.

I already re-designed the player’s hover tank to be more bulbous and cartoon-like. This is Kyle’s ship. The intermission screen will probably be re-designed to present Kyle in a story of some kind.

This stuff is so much fun. I hope to have something with this new style online within the week.

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