Player missiles and basic alien behaviour

I put some effort in to game structuring and refining the game stats to provide a smoother and more satisfying experience. This includes allowing the player to shoot as many lasers as their finger tapping will allow.
Note: Movement is with arrow keys (L and R) and lasers are Z or SPACE.
You can see the latest test (#4) by clicking the tech area link over on the right. (

The game’s structure follows a simple 3 step process. That is, we are always in 1 of 3 possible scenarios (Attract Mode, Ready Mode or Game Mode). Attract mode is essentially the front end with all menu options and fancy pre-defined sequences to attract the player. Ready mode is the short time that the player has to prepare for action and Game mode is obviously the game itself, or the back end.

In addition to structure I attempted to spice up the alien behaviour. Again I used a simple parameter that goes along with the other instantiation parameters and defines the alien’s tendency towards aggression. (i.e. how likely is it to drop a bomb)

I also took a look at basic movement and decided to add a ‘think’ flag. Currently each alien will whizz around the screen in their default direction until they have exceeded their think time. At this point they consider changing direction. If their tendency is towards moving around a lot then they will change direction other wise they just stay on the same path. I quite like the randomness of this but for the final game I can’t manage any player expectation like this. I will have to bite the bullet and look at patterns and formation.

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